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About NENA, its projects & programs, task forces, volunteers, mission, and staff. Living, shopping, and working in the four Nokomis East Neighborhoods. Issues and opinions, letters, humor, message boards, and related pieces. Useful links and contacts.

Crime Alert Bulletins!

For individuals with disabilities:If you need Crime Reports in Braille, large print, computer disk, or cassette tape, call 612-673-2912.


Weekly Crime Stat Maps (MPD site)

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Crime Alerts Index & Archive (MPD site)

Reporting Crimes - How to (MPD site)

3rd Precinct 2013 Resources List (PDF)

Crime Prevention Resources (MPD site)

  Problem Solving Tips:

Neighbor one-on-one disputes
When two neighbors have a one-on-one dispute (such as property line disputes or livability issues), they may contact Minneapolis Mediation or (for financial disputes) Conciliation Court.

Traffic Complaints
General questions about traffic complaints may be directed to Traffic Enforcement.

Animal Issues
Animal Issues/Pet issues regardless of the time of day are handled by Animal Control at 612-348-4250.

Housing Inspections
If you have complaints about garbage houses, tall grass, structure problems or a house without water or electrical service, contact Housing Inspections.

Parking Complaints
Issues concerning abandoned autos or other parking problems on public streets or sidewalks may be addressed to Traffic Control & Parking Enforcement.

Issues concerning abandoned autos or other parking problems on private property may be addressed to Housing Inspections.

Suspected Narcotics Activity
If you believe that a location is the site of suspected drug activity, call the 3rd Precinct Community Response Team (CRT) at (612) 673-5706.

Boarded up properties that continue to be problematic
Unfortunately, many persons inappropriately enter boarded properties. As a citizen, you can do the following things to address the issue.

If it is criminal activity you are CURRENTLY observing, call 911. Otherwise, please check to see if there are notices or placards on the property. They may give an indication as to who should be called for problems. If there are no postings, then start with Housing Inspections. If it is not an Inspections property, email or call Sue Rothelle, your 3rd Precinct, 3rd Sector crime prevention specialist. at 673-2839. Many agencies and private individuals may be responsible for the boarding, including a local bank, the fire department, rental owner or Minneapolis Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED).

If you have had property "tagged" with graffiti, call the Graffiti Hotline at 612-673-2090 or make an online graffiti report.



The Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County Attorney's Office are urgently seeking Community Impact Statements (CIS) about Chad Steven Hovde, a significant repeat drug offender who has been active in our area. He will be going to court on MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, for Controlled Substance Crime First Degree Possession (felony) at 49XX Woodlawn Blvd. (Keewaydin Neighborhood).

Impact Statements are used by police officers, probation officers, city and county attorneys, and the courts to show the negative impact an individual has on a community. This is YOUR opportunity to speak out about individuals whose activities have affected your sense of safety and well-being in your neighborhood.

The attached Impact Statement Form for Chad Steven Hovde is easy to read and to use. If you are unable to open this Acrobat PDF document, I will try to get it to you in another format if you will provide me with your name, postal address, e-mail address, and telephone number so I can contact you if needed. (see my contact info below)

Also attached are the Criminal Complaint for this offense, which provides more details, and complaints for two other felony cases involving Hovde.

Hovde Chad 13-2623 Lutz-mm 12-06-13.pdf
Hovde Chad 13-2708 De Souza rew 11-7-13.pdf
hovde chad 13-1281 Lutz jaa 5-16-13 amended 11-27-13.pdf
CIS HOVDE CHAD 12 12 13.pdf  (impact statement form with suspect photo)


Writing an Impact Statement.
We need an impact statement if you have been affected by Hovde's actions or by similar behavior by other criminals. You don't have to be a great writer! You might start by stating how you and your family have been impacted: fiancially, emotionally, physically and so on. You might end by saying what you hope the Court will do: send the offender to jail, order the person to ger treatment, order the person to get employmnet, order the person to stay out of a particular area (i.e. a geographic restriction from a particular neighborhood), etc. Remember that it is more important to send an impact statement than to worry about how it is written. Just send it! Whatever you write will be presented and can improve the safety of your community.

If you want to remain anonymous, Assistant County Attorney Gail Baez will assign you a number to put on your statement. Contact her at   Please send your impact statement to her at that e-mail address.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will reply as soon as I can. This is public information so please share this message with anyone who might be interested. THANKS.

Sue Roethele, Crime Prevention Specialist, 3rd Precinct,

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Burglars Strike 11 times in 3 days in 4 neighborhoods July 20, 2013
(Received July 24, 2013)

printable versionsDownload or print the complete Crime AlertAcrobat Reader (PDF, 59 Kb)

Eleven burglaries have been reported in the last three days in Sector 3 of the 3rd Precinct, with 5 in
Morris Park, three in Page, two in Keewaydin, and one in Diamond Lake. Both homes and garages
were targeted.

Forced entries included a brick being thrown through the window of the back door in one home burglary.
In others, the rear doors were kicked or doors pried. One unlocked car parked outside a garage
contained an automatic door opener which may have been used to open the garage. Items also were
taken from an unlocked vehicle inside another unlocked garage.

Stolen items included jewelry, seven bikes, and other items. Loss is still being determined in some

Possible suspects were seen only in only one incident: a witness walking his dog early in the morning
saw some bikes lying in an alley, and a white male and a black male, both 15 to 17 years of age,
running down the alley.

Download the complete (and printable) Crime Alert for a summary of the incidents. (59k PDF)

What you can do:
Pull a neighborhood watch force together. Block leader training is 6:30pm, Thursday, Aug. 14, at the 3rd Precinct, 3000 Minnehaha Av S. Please call 612-673-2839 for information. RSVP appreciated.

Call 911 if you see or hear suspicious behavior such as:
       » A person going door to door in a residential area, especially if one or more persons go to the rear of the home. (Often they are looking           for “soft spots” in your security or want to find out if anyone is at home.)
          The sound of breaking glass or other loud noises late at night.        » A stranger walking through yards between houses.
       » Someone forcing entrance into your neighbor’s house when it is unoccupied,
       » Persons running, especially if they are carrying something of value.
       » Youths out after curfew.

To request a free home security audit, call Sue Roethele at the 3rd Pct., 612-673-2839.

For crime prevention information in Spanish or Somali, contact CPS John Reed, 612-673-5579 (Spanish) or Ahmed Hassan, 612-673-3202 (Somali)

For questions, contact:
Sue Roethele, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct
(612) 673-2839

Burglaries in Ericsson and Minnehaha
(Received January 24, 2013)

printable versionsDownload or print the complete Police AdvisoryAcrobat Reader .pdf (90 kb)

FACTS: There have been three residential burglaries during the past two days in the area from East 46 Street to East 49 Street from 35th Avenue S to 37th Avenue S. which may involve the same unknown suspect. The first two incidents occurred from 3pm to 4pm, but the third one occurred between 9:30 am and 7:30pm.

Police in marked and unmarked cars are on the alert in the area investigators are pursuing leads. These are the locations of the incidents:

  • 46xx-35 Av. Jan. 22, 3:30pm-3:45pm, entry gained by throwing a rock through the side door window. Loss: coins, game box controllers
  • 45xx-35 Av. Jan. 22, 3pm-3:45 pm, entry gained by breaking a window on the rear door. Loss: unknown at this time.
  • 48xx-37 Av. Jan. 23, 9:30am -7:30pm, rear door kicked in. Loss: 3 TVs and computer.

The suspect also was seen trying doors on Jan. 22 at the following locations:

  • 46xx-35 Av: suspect knocked at the front door; when the resident didn’t answer, he “mule kicked” the front door a few times.
  • 46xx-36 Av: suspect knocked at the front door and was trying the door knob when the resident answered the door. Suspect asked for an a person unknown to the resident, then went to the next house, saw that resident on the phone and asked the resident if he was “talking to the police.” He fled northbound when he knew police were being called.

SUSPECT INFORMATION: Suspect has been described as a black male, 14 to 19 years old, 5’6-5’9, with a light build, medium complexion, and possibly having a slight moustache. He was wearing black (faded to gray) sagging jeans, a black winter jacket and a black New Orleans Saints stocking cap with a yellow ball tassel and the fleur de lis (stylized lily flower) emblem on the front. He had a black backpack.

Things you can do:

  • Be on the lookout. The police want you to call 911 immediately for any suspicious activity such as strangers walking in yards or between houses, the sound of glass breaking, loud banging and unfamiliar trucks or vans lingering in your alley. Do not wait to call
  • Notice strangers anywhere on your block, but especially on porches, near garages, between houses and loitering on your street or in the alley. Let your neighbors know what you’ve seen AFTER YOU CALL POLICE.
  • Routinely check to make sure doors and windows are locked in your home and garage.
  • Strengthen exterior doors of house and garage. Make sure the door is installed with enough shims to make it firmly supported. Reinforce the jamb, hinges, and keepers. Search online for how-to info.
  • Install deadbolt locks (with a 1" throw) and a high-security, heavy duty strike plate (with 3" screws) on home and garage doors. If you have glass within 42" of the door lock, consider: 1) a double-cylinder deadbolt lock, 2) tempered glass, or 3) a decorative grille over the glass. Consider glass blocks for basement windows. Use window pins, track fillers, or extra locks to reduce window opening more than 6".
  • Leave outdoor lights on overnight, or install photosensitive lighting that operates dusk to dawn.
  • Call Sue Roethele, 612-673-2839, to arrange a FREE home security check of your home.

For crime prevention information in Spanish or Somali, contact CPS John Reed, 612-673-5579 (Spanish) or Ahmed Hassan, 612-673-3202 (Somali)

An active, organized block is your best defense against crime! Attend Block Leader Training Feb. 21 or March 18. Call 612-673-2839 for information.

For questions, contact:
Sue Roethele, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct
(612) 673-2839

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SEX OFFENDER Moving to Morris Park
(Updated Dec 6, 2012)

MPD Alert(Monday, November 26) Minneapolis Police announced today that Clarence Joseph Opheim, a Level 3 sex offender, is moving to the 5700 Block of Sander Drive (in the Bossen area). Sexton will remain under supervision by the MN Department Of Health And Human Services. THIS OFFENDER IS NOT WANTED BY THE POLICE AT THIS TIME.

Clarence Joseph Opheim photoSee the attached Fact sheetDownload(132 Kb PDF) for his conditions of release and related information.

The MPD Sex Crimes Unit held a public notification meeting to provide the Community with information about:
• This particular offender
• The notification process
• A panel discussion concerning this offender’s release

THE RELEASED OFFENDER:  Clarence Joseph Opheim, DoB 08/15/1947
DESCRIPTION OF OFFENDER: White male, 5’10”, 214 Lbs, large build, brown eyes, very short grey hair (balding) and fair complexion. Glasses.
DESCRIPTION OF OFFENSE:  Mr. Opheim’s victim pool are both male and female, aged 8 to 17. To acquire his victims, Mr. Opheim employed a combination of stealth, bribery, manipulation and in one case a weapon, to gain compliance. Mr. Opheim often initiated conversation with his victim’s which led to secluded contact at other locations, including his home. Mr. Opheim was acquainted with his victim’s. Note: There is no record of stranger-to-stranger sexual contact.

For further information about this offender, please download and read the Fact Sheet or contact the Minneapolis Police Sex Crimes Unit at 612-673-2817 or Department Of Health And Human Services supervisor Troy Larson at 651-226-3327

Burglars Strike 9 Garages, 1 Home in Morris Park on Sept. 26, 2012
(Received September 27, 2012)

printable versionsDownload or print the complete Police AdvisoryAcrobat Reader .pdf (90 kb)

Burglaries of several garages and an occupied home occurred today in the area bordered by East 52nd and East 58th streets from 35th Avenue South to 46th Avenue South in Morris Park Neighborhood. Most of the garages had the service door pried open. Two garages were unlocked. The home was entered after prying a window.

Most of the crimes occurred between 4am and 7am today at: 52xx 38 Av S, 55xx 41 Av, 55xx 42 Av, 55xx 43 Av, 56xx 40 Av, 56xx 42 Av S, 56xx 36 Av, 57xx 35 Av. S.

The home burglary took place at 52xx 46 Av S. The suspects gained entry into the occupied residence by prying open a window while the residents were asleep upstairs. Items stolen there included two laptops and keys to a vehicle which was then stolen from the unlocked garage. Losses from the garage burglaries included a bike, tools, 2 stereos, change, sunglasses, and a coin purse. A resident on the 5600 block of 35 Ave S called 911 about 6:35 am to report there were two males, possibly juveniles, in the alley who appeared to be looking into vehicles and yards. Officers were unable to locate the suspects.

Suspect Information: Possible suspects were described as Native American or Hispanic males, 12-17 years old, 5’5-5’10, of average build, wearing dark clothes and each riding a bike. Police are patrolling the area in marked and unmarked vehicles and Property Crime investigators are following leads.

See the attached Crime Alert for more information and sugggestions to help prevent thefts of motor vehicle parts.

For questions, contact:
Sue Roethele, Crime Prevention Specialist
Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd Precinct
(612) 673-2839

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(Received July 14, 2011)

MPD AlertThursday, May 14---Minneapolis Police announced today that Frank Leo Sexton, a Level 3 sex offender, has been released from Lino Lakes prison where he was incarcerated after his provisions for release were violated in 2010. He is returning to his former address of 5836 45th Ave. S. where he has lived periodically since 2007. Sexton will remain under supervision by Hennepin County until Sept. 12, 2012.

Frank Leo Sexton photoSee the attached Fact sheetDownload(27 Kb PDF) for his conditions of release and related information.

Because there have been community notification meetings about this offender before, the attached fact sheet is being reissued as a notification to the public of his return and there will not be a community meeting.

Please call the Minneapolis Police Sex Crimes Unit at 612-673-2817 or Hennepin County Supervising Agent Bart Hollaren, 612-596-0507, about questions or concern. .)

The purpose of this notice is to provide the community with information about this particular offender, the notification process prescribed by law, and the Minnesota Department of Correction web site: THIS OFFENDER IS NOT WANTED BY THE POLICE AT THIS TIME.

THE RELEASED OFFENDER:  Frank Leo Sexton,   DoB:  03/15/64
DESCRIPTION OF OFFENDER: White male, 5’7”, 156 Lbs, slender build, blue eyes, medium length blond hair, fair complexion, with a mustache and goatee.
DESCRIPTION OF OFFENSE:  Mr. Sexton was convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a 28 year old adult female in 1994. This offender confronted this victim as she left a store, followed her, and used physical force in order to gain compliance. This sexual contact was interrupted by citizens. Neither victim or offender were acquainted.  Mr. Sexton has a previous history of chemical abuse. Mr. Sexton was revoked from supervision in 2008 and returns to his former address in the 5800 block of 45th Avenue South.

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(June 8, 2010) (Updated Sept 1, 2011)

MPD AlertThe Minneapolis Police Department Sex Crimes Unit held a meeting to present information about TWO Level 3 Sex Offenders residing in the Wenonah neighborhood (listed as residing on the 5700 blocks of 33rd and 34th Aves.)

DATE: Monday, June 7, 2010
TIME: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
PLACE:Crosstown Covenant Church, 5540 30th Av S.

Sex offender imagesThe purpose of the meeting was to provide the community with information about this particular offender, the notification process prescribed by law, and the Minnesota Department of Correction web site: THESE OFFENDERS ARE NOT WANTED BY THE POLICE AT THIS TIME.

Offender: Bruce Edward Patterson NOTE: Patterson has since has left Minneapolis entirely (9/1/11)
Date of birth: 02/19/62
Description: African-American male, 5’9”, 190 Lbs, medium build, brown eyes, short black natural hair with a mustache and stubble goatee. Wears glasses. Fact sheetDownload(52 Kb PDF)

Offender: James Carroll Watkins
Date of birth: 05/31/47
Description: African-American male, 6’1”, 211 Lbs, large build, brown eyes, head shaved (bald), light brown complexion and a circular shaped mustache that surrounds the mouth and connects to the lower chin. Fact sheetDownload(52 Kb PDF)

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND CAREFULLY READ THE FACT SHEETS. The fact sheets also contains the telephone numbers to call if you have questions about the offender. These documents in are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

If you are not able to print a copies of the Fact Sheets, copies are available by calling Minneapolis Police 612-673-2817, 3rd Precinct SAFE at 612-673-2839, or through the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association office, 3000 East 50th St., tel. 612-724-5652.

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