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Nokomis East Volunteer Gardens Updates


Last updated: Oct 3, 2013

Welcome to Nokomis East's volunteer gardens page. It's the volunteers that make these gardens such a unique and beautiful resource for our neighborhood. Your help makes all the difference!

Nokomis Naturescape Gardens     Nokomis East Gateway Gardens
Lakeside Gardens at the 2013 MMF
MMF logo

The Naturescape Gardens are the host site for the Minneapolis Monarch Festival. A Safari through the Lakeside Garden at the 2013 MMF is shown above. For more information on the Nokomis Naturescape, please visit the Naturescape page on the Festival's website:

"Encouraging People to Connect with Nature by Growing Native Plant Gardens"

GARDENING TUESDAY OCT 8, 5 - 7pm (note time shift - getting darker).

Hello Gardeneers,
Our plan is to discourage the Canada goldenrod in the lakeside garden and keep the newly planted watered. Bring clippers, shovels and watering "cans" but most importantly, yourself.

October 15th is the Wild Ones Twin Cities chapter meeting. Using Grazing Animals to Restore Native Plant Communities at 4 Metro Sites Speaker: Wiley Buck, Restoration Ecologist

Thanks Always, Vicki

Vicki Bonk Nokomis Naturescape Gardeneer Coordinator

The Nokomis Naturescape
Located on Lake Nokomis at 5001 East Nokomis Parkway, Minneapolis 55417, the Naturscape is a project of the Nokomis East Neighborhoos Association (NENA) in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The four-acre native planting, provides a model of sustainable landscaping and is an official Monarch Waystation and National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat site.

To volunteer or receive event emails, contact Vicki Bonk  at 612-727-3562  or the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association office at 612-724-5256.


Vicky Bonk


The Nokomis Naturescape is located in Nokomis Park, between the lake and Woodlawn Boulevard at East 50th Street.  Mapping address: 5001 E Lake Nokomis Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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(Posted 10/03/13)

Greeting Gateway Gardeners,

Weeding Meeting Schedule:

Saturdays, one hour, 9-10 am, canceled for torrential rain

  • The October 5 meeting has been canceled.  The next meeting will be called as needed!
    • Heres why:
      1) We did a great job on 9/21: The paths are still clear and there is no egregious weed issue.
      2) We think it will be raining (now that I write this, it will most likely be clear)
      3) Itís too soon to put the hoses away and wrap the trees for winter

      On 9/21, Vic, Marian, Sally, Larry and I pulled some real lunkers (a rouge oak ďtreeĒ with a five foot long root) and plucked a lot of the spreading milkweed and other seed pods. We cleared the paths too. It was a job well done! It may be that we wonít need another weeding meeting this season. Iíll keep you posted. Thanks everybody!

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      Thanks everybody!
      Trish Schilling

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      The Nokomis East Gateway Gardens are located at the intersection of Old Hiawatha Ave and E 50th Street in Minneapolis. The gardens are across the street from the 50th St./ Minnehaha Park LRT station on the Blue Line (Hiawatha Line).


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