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Nokomis East Neighborhood Association Bob Hope (in helmet) and Fred Astaire in 'The Road to Lake Nokomis' (1947)
About NENA, its projects & programs, task forces, volunteers, mission, and staff. Living, shopping, and working in the four Nokomis East Neighborhoods. Issues and opinions, letters, humor, message boards, and related pieces. Useful links and contacts.

The Lighter Side of Nokomis

Have something fun to add? Stories, photos and rememberances -- true or fiction -- are welcomed here... As long as they are tied to the local area and make someone smile.


BlizzardNew ItemA little humor about the Winter of 2013-2014:  Mike Coleman's Led Zepplin parody on Facebook places living in the Frozen North to a familiar tune. Appropriate as weremeber this past Winter's Last Gasp. Facebook Winter Parody (3/05/14)


The Emerald City Globe

2009: Minneapolis to Receive the 2009 Emerald City Globe Award  Our city was selected from 174 others to receive the coveted 2009 Emerald City Award for its work in green promotion. (April 1, 2009)


Fadeaway inventor JJ Robins

2008: Nokomis Man invents disapearing news stories for the Web  A Morris Park resident comes up with a way to reduce online clutter within 24-hours of publishing by using web programming code that fades away. JJ Robins admits that there is more work to be done. Exclusive story and examples. (April 1, 2008)


The Lake Nokomis glowing walleye?

2007: Do the walleye in Lake Nokomis glow? What are those luminous patches in the lake?  A wenonah resident asks the questions, and after some serious head scratching, our researchers hit the books and dug into archives to find the answers. You won't believe what we found. Exclusive story and historical photos. (April 1, 2007)

The Lake Nokomis glowing walleye?

2007: Airport Noise Solution? A Bloomington mediation group held a press conference to propose a way to end the legal battle between the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), and three cities over continued sound mitigation of residential homes and businesses.. Exclusive story. (April 1, 2007)


Yes, it's a real shark's tooth.

2006: Shark Tales No More.  When a Minneapolis student approached a DNR biologist about three shark’s teeth she had found in Minnehaha Creek, he could only smile...until he actually examined the teeth. Story and photos. (April 1, 2006)

Mobil Homes for Mpls?

2006: FEMA Division Installs 48 New Homes in South Minneapolis... For a few days, anyway. Story and photos. (April 1, 2006)


2005: Rumored Viking Longboat Timbers Located in Lake Nokomis (April 1, 2005)


Photog catches Light Rail Thrill Train ride (LRT2) in testing phase (5/23/04)

House Committee Quietly Proposes Working Model for Cheaper Light Rail Transit (April 1, 2004)

Bush Speaks on Negative Numbers (12/4/02)

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