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Building Better Yards Fundraiser

We're selling grass seed at a discount to make the Nokomis East neighborhood greener in more ways than one!

NENA is partnering with Twin City Seed Company and the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance to offer sustainable, pollinator-friendly solutions for the lawns and gardens across Nokomis East!  


Whether you want a pristine lawn with improved sustainability, a pollinator paradise, or something in between - we’ve got the perfect option (or options!) for you at a significant discount from retail prices.  And all profits go to NENA!


Grass seed will be available Monday, July 8 – Friday, August 9.  Distribution will be coordinated during the  local "Food Trucks at the Shoreview Triangle" events Thursday, August 15 or Saturday, August 17. Select your preferred pick up time from the order form.  Orders can also be picked up from Twin Cities Seed Company end of August. Home shipping is not available for orders. We couldn't remove the feature from the order form, so we cranked up the price. Please ignore the shipping option as you check out your order.


Need advice or want to learn more about lawn sustainability?  Join us for a workshop Friday, July 12 from 4:30 – 6 p.m. at Morris Park Recreation Center, where we will provide information on sustainable yard practices and the products that support pollinators, save water and enhance outdoor space.  RSVP on our Events page!

todd reis tuff turf.png

5 lb bag 

Tuff Turf

$20 (40% discount!)


Plant at a rate of 8 pounds per 1000 square feet.

Tuff turf is a mixture of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass designed to provide residents with an aesthetically pristine lawn that can withstand sun, shade, and heavy foot traffic while using dramatically less water through the year. While traditional bluegrass lawns want to be watered several times per week, research trials from the University of Minnesota have found that tall fescues can go over 50 days without receiving water while maintaining pristine aesthetics. The tuff turf mix is a good fit for lawns that receive full to partial sun through the day.


Suggested Maintenance

Mowing: Regular mowing, from 4.5” down to 3” (once every 10-14 days)

Watering: Once every 3-4 weeks (varies seasonally)

Fertilizer: 1-2x per year (Keep your clippings!)

GMCAFEE really nice lakeshore.jpeg

5 lb bag 

Low Grow
Fine Fescue
Eco Seed

$25 (40% discount!)


Plant at a rate of 8 pounds per 1000 square feet.

If you are looking for the most sustainable, low-input turfgrass option, fine fescues are the perfect fit! Fine fescues have great drought tolerance (less watering), a low nitrogen requirement (little/no fertilizer needed), and a slow rate of growth for DRAMATICALLY reduced mowing. Most folks mow their fine fescue lawns 2-4 times a year, with some individuals foregoing mowing altogether! Do note that fine fescue lawns struggle with heavy foot traffic, so if your yard has people or pets that trample through the lawn, the fine fescues might not be your best fit! Eco seed low grow fine fescue does great in both sunny and shady lawns. 


Suggested Maintenance

Mowing: Reduced mowing, 2-4x per year. (6” down to 4” or 4.5” down to 3”)

Watering: Once every 2-3 weeks (varies seasonally)

Fertilizer: 0-1x per year (Keep your clippings!)

bee lawn 3.jpg

1 lb bag 

Bee Lawn Seed

$17.50 (30% discount!)


Plant at a rate of 5 pounds per 1000 square feet.

The bee lawn seed mixture is a combination of fine fescue turfgrass and low growing pollinator-friendly flowers designed to provide residents with a sustainable greenspace that can withstand light to moderate foot traffic, while providing high-quality food for our at-risk pollinators.  The bee lawn mix was developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota. More than 65 bee species have been observed on bee lawns in Minnesota alone, and almost 90% of those species are native. Bee lawns are easy to manage - they are drought tolerant, don’t need fertilizer, and only need to be mowed 2-4x per year.


Suggested Maintenance

Mowing: Reduced mowing, 2-4x per year. (6” down to 4” or 4.5” down to 3”)

Watering: Once every 2-3 weeks (varies seasonally)

Fertilizer: None (Keep your clippings!)

Note: Do not use herbicides on a bee lawn.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 11.40.38 PM.png

1/4 lb bag 

Native Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Mix

$15.00 (25% discount!)


Plant at a rate of 1 lb per 2500 square feet.

The Native Bee and Butterfly Mix is a wildflower mixture for a native plant garden. This mix is made up of 21 species of native wildflowers selected specifically to provide food and habitat for our at-risk native pollinators.  The diversity of species in this mix have been chosen for their staggered bloom times throughout the growing season as well as their resilient ability to withstand the extremes of the Midwestern climates. One pound of this mix will cover approximately 2500 square feet. Under normal conditions, the species in this mix may reach a height of 8 to 42 inches.


Suggested Maintenance

Weeding: Aim to weed at least 3x per year (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Watering: Once per week

Not sure how much to buy?

It's easy to estimate!

We found a nifty, simple tool to help you measure the square footage of your lawn by drawing on top of a Google Map!

Questions about your order?

Contact Twin Cities Seed staff member James Wolfin at


Other questions?

Contact Environment Committee Chair Mia Beste at

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