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Nokomis has a new coffee shop! Crema Coffee + Crema at 5013 S. 34th Ave.,

opened on Oct. 12, 2022. It is owned by Leah Owens and Patrick Hankee and managed by Kit Loose.

Leah’s lifelong dream was to open a coffee shop. When she was walking with her son Jack, she realized she didn’t have a destination to walk to. Her partner, Patrick, always wanted to own his own business and felt that the dream to create a coffee shop would be perfect. “If we didn’t start this, and somebody else did, we’d be customers,” Patrick said thinking about the long-time need for a coffee shop in the area.

Leah and Patrick first had the idea of creating a coffee shop when they were eating affogatos (gelato with a shot of espresso on top) on a beach in Mexico. They decided they needed a place in Minneapolis where they could buy such a great dessert. They created Crema Coffee + Cream with the idea that they wanted to offer great coffee that’s accessible (and not snobby) to the public. They put thought into the beans; ordering from Roastery 7, a place where Leah trained to be a barista. Their current drip coffee comes from Costa Rica. This is in particular interest to Leah and Patrick because they recently came back from a trip there. Patrick said, “Opening up that bag [of coffee] is like walking into any establishment down there.”

Along with coffee, tea, and gelato, customers may order pastries from Marc Heu Pastries. Marc Heu studied in France and his croissants take seven days to make. Patrick and Leah interviewed with him for two and a half hours to be able to serve his pastries, and are the only establishment to serve them in Minneapolis.

When walking into this extraordinary coffee shop, you will be greeted by a large colorful abstract mural created by local artist Ashley Mary. She worked with the corporate accounts for Target and Starbucks. You will probably be served by the manager, Kit. Kit is working in the shop as he begins to look into creating his own coffee shop in Japan.

Before Crema Coffee + Cream opened, it was continuously a barbershop for nearly 100 years. Most recently, it was Bob’s Barber Shop. Because there are three barber shops on the street, Patrick and Leah felt a coffee shop would be a great addition.

Next summer, Crema Coffee + Cream will have a pick-up window and a space for people to sip coffee outside. It is truly a great place to relax no matter what time of year.


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