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NENA Funders & Sponsors

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who make NENA happen!
And special recognition to all 15 members of the NENA Board of Directors for making donations to the organization.

Local Businesses & Organizations

NENA would like to recognize the generous support and our sincere gratitude to our funders and sponsors:

Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church
Oxendale’s Market.png
Nokomis Life.png
Nokomis Tattoo.png
Town Hall Lanes.png
Trinity Lutheran Church Logo Black.png

Foundations & Funders

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

Through their Flexible Support Grant Program, MRAC has been supporting musical artists at the Monarch Festival annually.

Funding from the

City of Minneapolis

Interested in making

a donation                  to NENA?

NENA is about bettering the quality of life and building a sense of community pride.

With your help, we invest in neighborhood improvement, build community connections, encourage citizen participation, and advocate for the interests of the Nokomis East community.

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