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Board Member Applicants

Thank you so much to everyone who applied to be a board member! This year, we have five people who applied so far. If you didn't apply yet, but would like to, you can always come to our annual meeting and introduce yourself there.

As many of you know, we have eight open neighborhood representatives - two for Keewaydin, two for Minnehaha, one for Morris Park, two for Wenonah, and two at large board members.

Our board candidates are:

Please note that anyone who is not voted for their neighborhood can be voted in for an at-large position.

Can't make it to our event, but still want to vote? Click here!

Want to learn more about being a board member? Check out the information below:

Candidate Eligibility:

• Ability to complete a full Two-Year Term  

• Neighborhood Seat - You must be a resident (homeowner or renter) of the neighborhood elected to serve (Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park or Wenonah)

• At-Large Seat - You must be a resident, own property, or work in Nokomis East

• Board members must be 18 years or older

Responsibilities and Duties:

• Monthly Board Meetings – Fourth Thursday of Each Month (6:30 – 8:30 pm)

• New Board Member Orientation (Will schedule according to your availability.)

• Total time commitment per month is about 10 hours

• Serve on a committee and volunteer for community events

• Commitment to financially support NENA within your means

Why Should YOU Consider Serving?

Rewarding, Skill Building & Leadership Development

  • As a new member, you will serve with a dynamic, enthusiastic, committed group of 14 other volunteers and staff members who work hard on behalf of our community.

  • Joining the Board will connect you more tightly with our neighborhoods and give you the chance to develop new skills while providing valuable direction to the course of NENA work.

  • By serving on the NENA Board, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of our community.  The NENA Board meets once a month for most of the year. Also, Board members serve on NENA committees and help with NENA events and activities.

  • You have good ideas, skills and energy to share to make NENA an even stronger organization.


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