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The Native Bee and Butterfly Mix is a wildflower mixture for a native plant garden. This mix is made up of 21 species of native wildflowers selected specifically to provide food and habitat for our at-risk native pollinators.  The diversity of species in this mix have been chosen for their staggered bloom times throughout the growing season as well as their resilient ability to withstand the extremes of the Midwestern climates. One pound of this mix will cover approximately 2500 square feet. Under normal conditions, the species in this mix may reach a height of 8 to 42 inches.


Plant at a rate of 1 pound per 2500 square feet. Get a rough idea of how big your yard is here.


Seed orders can be picked up at a Food Trucks at the Shoreview Triangle event August 15 or August 17 or directly at Twin Cities Seed at the end of August. You'll indicate your preference when you checkout.

Native Bee & Butterfly Wildflower Mix

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